Finishing the Season in Style

Catherine_edited-1               When the AACC performed at the Aylmer Chartwell Long term residence on May 4th, 2015 the staff was surprised to see us. Once the situation was explained they were very accommodating and soon had many of the residents gathered in the OT room. We sang the songs that we had practiced for the last few months. When we finished, everyone politely clapped and as we began to pick up our things and make room for the band, a woman exclaimed, “That was nice!”. Immediately many of the people from the choir said, “Thank you”. This happy and spontaneous gesture and exchange was different from the hand clapping that our singing is usually met with. A small expression, yes, but a moment in which the singing was not about a performance but about a happy response like greeting the sunrise. It gave us a sense that we had met her and maybe other’s approval.

At our semi-annual Spring concert musicians, music lovers and Disney fans came out of the woodwork.  The choir that was singing alongside us had to cancel due to sickness but many people came to hear us and the band. Not only did Dave Dykeman attend and connect with many but also many people who have an interest in music attended. Along with soloists such as Stephanie, a onetime choir member, who sang a selection from Beauty and the Beast with Evan on the piano, we sang three Disney songs for them. It’s not the first time the choir performed Disney music, in fact in 2008, we performed two of three songs that became staples in 2015. At our spring concert at the Old Town Hall Catherine our MC when closing the performance said, “Thanks for being here, otherwise it would just be another practice.” The audience laughed and it gave us something to chew on, as well as saying something about our practices. Many appreciating being there enough afterwards to talk with choir and band members.

As always, it’s the audience that helps us finish the season in style. Whether it’s because some of the choir and band dress up or it’s because with Sarah Twinning’s constant and optimistic approach, we put extra effort in a fewer number of songs. People continue to appreciate the work we put into our songs. As Jan the St. Thomas music teacher and Adjudicator told me ‘Practice makes perfect”. The satisfaction that those who gain from hearing our music is appreciated by us. Our effort is gaining satisfaction and support from our hearers.

John Montgomery


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